I've got a whole city to hold down

May 07, 2004

It's Wilco's world, we're just...

Although everyone who cares about this has been mumbling the info under their breath for days now, here's the scoop on tix for the 6/12 Wilco show at the Vic:

Via 5/11, 10am
Via T********** 5/12, 10am
Via the Vic box office: 5/15, 10am

Jam sez: "All tickets for this show are will call only and non-transferable. 2 ticket limit."

Oh yeah and the band is playing two shows at Otto's in DeKalb, May 19 and 20. Tickets went on sale yesterday so we're sure they're sold out by now. What did a wise man once say? That's right, this sure as shit ain't no Lounge Ax, people.

Update: Wilcoworld's allotted tix for the Vic show sold out in less than half an hour. While we're here, might as well pass along Jeff Tweedy's first post-rehab interview (from the LA Times, which offers much of its online content to paying subscribers only). Finally, the Minus 5's Down With Wilco is now available (with bonus tracks) on 180 gram vinyl.

Update II: It's 10:07 and T********** tix for the Vic show are gone. For those still on the outside looking in, here's a much better version of Tweedy's chat with that LA Times/ scribe.