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April 09, 2004

Weekend Roundup (can't get enough Quannum)

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Let's make it quick and to the point-

In the Reader: Critics' Choices on (among other things) the Quannum World Tour (featuring Blackalicious, DJ Shadow, Gift of Gab, Lifesavas, Lyrics Born + others), Fantomas, Sleepy Jackson, Stellastarr* and Four Tet. Ms. Kendrick writes up a full slate including Weird War, the Drapes & Starlite Desperation.

New City: Their Tip of the Week is the Quannum show, Chamberlain talks about the Horizontal Action Blackout and this week's showcase, and there's more M's love to spread around.

Tribune: Kot singles out Lyrics Born for some personal attention and Reger's Concertline gives mentions to Bonnie Prince Billy, 90 Day Men & The M's.

Checking in on the Sun-Times: DeRo writes his 142nd piece on Local H and Jakubiak covers Endangered Species.

Finishing with the Daily Herald: Mr. Guarino writes about Mr. Dylan, his Victoria's Secret ad and the Live 1964 release and lets you know what he's been listening to lately.