I've got a whole city to hold down

April 01, 2004

We'd like to dedicate this song... the haters who dissed us so dourly in the wake of our report on A Ghost Is Born. (To those among our readership lucky enough to have missed the whole flap, we reported that the forthcoming Wilco album would be a double-disc, a la Being There. The veracity of that report was widely questioned, and our info was ultimately denied by the Wilco camp, so we retracted it. Fair enough, right? Um, nope. Cue unpleasant shitestorm of criticism from hive of humorless Wilcolytes.)

All the time we remained confident in our source. Some concluded that Wilco had planned to issue Ghost on two discs, then changed those plans (or had them changed). Now we've stumbled across a nugget that lends some significant credence to that conclusion: Random House, publisher of the upcoming Greg Kot Wilcobio Learning How to Die, is pimping the tome hand-in-hand with what they call "the band’s two-CD release, A Ghost Is Born."

Now, Chicagomuzikblog is lucky enough to have an advance copy of Ghost, and we can say for a stone-cold fact that it's on one CD. But it seems pretty clear that the two-disc plan was not only considered, it was well enough down the chute that Nonesuch or the Wilco camp or somebody told Random House to hype it as such.

The point? Just that we're not quite so fulla crap as those Wilcolytes would have you believe. Consider this an itsy-bitsy bit of vindication.

Update: Hold the phone. This from new Wilco tour guitarist Nels Cline's page: "The band will be touring extensively in support of the forthcoming (and seemingly much-anticipated) double CD called A GHOST IS BORN." So: Who's zoomin' who?