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April 16, 2004

Venue Review - Open End Gallery

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

I was there last night for the Bonnie Prince Billy/Joanna Newsom show. Won't subject you to any lengthy rambling on the performance, other than to say it was probably the best of the 5 Will Oldham shows I've attended. And part of that was definitely owing to the venue. Moving on to cover that...

The Open End Gallery is a 3rd floor space at the corner of Fulton & Damen. Easy parking at night, and you're entering/leaving w/ all the other music geeks, so no overt safety concerns.

Pros: No smoking! Very intimate, yet the capacity # is low enought that even with last night's sold-out show there was enough space for a majority of the people to sit on the floor and enjoy. The beer was $1 a cup. And the mood they'd set in there was perfect for the artists (it's a towering ceiling, and they'd hung what looked to be a hot air balloon from it...and the way the light projected you got a bearded profile of Will on the wall at times, along w/ views of the downtown skyscrapers through the windows).

Cons: One bathroom, usable by only one individual at a time (leading to lines of up to 15-20 people in spots). No liquor or multiple choices of beer/wine (which didn't trouble me too much w/ the dollar brews).

Anyone else been there yet for an event? Feel free to add your thoughts below...