I've got a whole city to hold down

April 22, 2004

Roll over Beethoven

Ever thought old Igor Stravinsky would really rock if only he'd lived in the post-punk era?

Okay, neither did we. But apparently Nad Navillus does.

Here's the scoop: "Spring is upon us and with it the Butchershop Quartet gives you Igor Stravinsky's 1913 masterpiece "The Rite of Spring." ... In 1998 Dylan Posa (drums), Rob Bochnik (guitar), Dan Sullivan (guitar), and Rob Sullivan (bass) started rehearsing regularly in Chicago to complete what had started as a college dorm room daydream: to arrange Stravinsky's masterpiece for 2 guitars, bass, and drums (a "Rock Band")."

The original Quartet has evolved, with Nathaniel Braddock replacing Bochnik on guitar and Dan Sylvester spelling Posa on drums. Now the group is set to release a 2002 studio recording (done at Electrical Audio) of the piece on local hip-hop imprint Galapagos4, and to perform "The Rite of Spring" live at Subterranean on May 21.