I've got a whole city to hold down

April 06, 2004

Mark Down November 13

Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

Because the Pixies have announced they will be playing the Aragon Ballroom that night.

However, did anyone notice the quarter page ad in Section 3 of the Reader this week? The one that was all black save for the band's name in the center? Little birds are chirping that we may be in store for a secret show this week.

All I'm saying is that the first official date is 4/13 in Minneapolis, and there seems to be nothing booked at the Double Door on Sunday and Monday (the 11th & 12th).

Stay on your toes good people.

Update: Tickets for the 11/13 show will go onsale via Ticketbastard this Saturday at noon. Ticket price of $35 (before the inevitable 20% markup from the service charges). A limit of 6 per customer.