I've got a whole city to hold down

April 21, 2004

Kot clarifies

Yesterday, we wrote that Trib critic Greg Kot's forthcoming Wilco book, Learning How to Die, "is hamstrung by a lack of historical perspective. Because the band and its members are very much living, breathing, working entitities, real life has already outpaced [the book, which] doesn't mention A Ghost Is Born, new players Pat Sansone and Nels Cline, or Tweedy's current rehab stint."

But in a message to Chicagomuzikblog Central, Kot clarifies. The final version of the book "includes a pretty substantial section on A Ghost is Born," the scribe says, "as well as covering Bach's departure, the addition of Cline and Sansone, and Tweedy's rehab. Editions of the book now in circulation are early galleys that do not include all the updated information, so I understand where the misunderstanding could occur. Final updated edition will be available around mid-May, and in stores June 15."

Kot also has some kind words for the site. We appreciate the kudos and clarification both.

Might add that we're nearly done with Learning How to Die, which becomes steadily more compelling as it progresses. (That may reflect the author's relative lack of passion for Tweedy's early work in comparison to his latter efforts.)

Might also add that the general depiction of Tweedy as a human being is by no means rosy. Portrayed through the comments of those closest to him, the songwriter comes off deeply flawed and often unlikable.

We look forward to Kot's take on the tale's latest twists.