I've got a whole city to hold down

April 11, 2004


Posted by Lazlo Hollyfeld

So I'm not sure exactly what it all means, but I noticed that the listing for the 6/4 Mountain Goats/Archer Prewitt show at the Empty Bottle is billed as "An Evening With Believer".

If you're not familiar with The Believer, it could be most easily classified as part of the burgeoning Dave Eggers media empire. Every issue may not be worth plunking down the $8 for, but I definitely make sure to skim every issue at Quimby's (and end up buying half of them). The last few issues have featured a "Stuff I've Been Reading" column by Nick Hornby, and word is there'll be a feature on the Decemberists in the one out in May.

As for the Mountain Goats...not only is the new album excellent, but Mr. Darnielle earned every penny of the $10 I shelled out at the show at the Bottle in February. Highly Recommended.