I've got a whole city to hold down

March 12, 2004

Weekend roundup

Five papers, a mess of writers, a million bands. Let's do this.

DeRo gets cocky, reviews the Greendale flick. Jeff Johnson yaps with Kenny Brown about hill country blues (of which a whole gang of practitioners are throwing down tonight, Friday, at HOB). And Jakubiak offers a sorry waste-of-space interview with Lyrics Born, who's on tap Monday at the Abbey and deserves much better than this.

Josh Klein on the Mavericks (Saturday at Park West with BR549), Michael C. Harris on the Tossers (Saturday at Metro), and Rick Reger on the gigs he deems worthy.

Anybody slavering for a Marga-fix should hie thee over to the rag's Critic's Picks section, where this week old Pete hips us to a little improvised music, a little tenor sax, and even some Colombian pop, among others. Meanwhile, in Spotcheck, Monica Kendrick surveys a smattering of St. Patty’s-week fare, backs the hype for Cooper Temple Clause, and disses John Vanderslice. Finally, there's the Meter. It's a chat with a certain bald rockstar.

New City
Andy Wang on John Vanderslice (Saturday, Schubas), Ray Pride on the Greendale talkie, Chris McCann shares a slice of the All-City MC Battle, and Dave Chamberlain on the Cooper Temple Clause.

Daily Herald
Mark Guarino profiles the Von Bondies (Friday at the Double Door with the Like Young) and reviews a few discs, topped by the Wrens (Friday at LSA with the Constantines).