I've got a whole city to hold down

March 08, 2004

Hanging with Bob

What happened to Bob Dylan's band? The lineup at the Aragon on Friday looked like the result of an argument in a grade-school music class.

"I wanna play drums!"

"No, I wanna play drums!!"

"Wah, Mr. Dylan, I don't wanna play keyboard! I wanna play drums!!"

"Dammit kids, both of you play drums then. I'll play the #$@$& keyboard."

That's right, Bob had two guitars, bass, and two drummers. And he played keyboard through the entire show.

Local crits were ambivalent, with Jim DeRogatis' thumb wavering downward and Greg Kot casting his typically charitable eye on the proceedings as a decent experiment.

Update: Mark Guarino says the lineup struck him as "more novelty than necessity."