I've got a whole city to hold down

March 17, 2004

Chicaghost town

Where the heck is everybody this week? In sexy Austin, Texas, for the annual South by Southwest music festival and industry conference. SXSW opens today and continues through Saturday.

Local acts scrapping in the showcase scrum include Alkaline Trio, Che Arthur, Atombombpocketknife, the Autumn Defense, Baseball Furies, Andrew Bird, Break the Silence, Caviar, Cheer-Accident, Diverse, Dollar Store, the Goldstars, Kill Hannah, Kill Memory Crash, Jon Langford’s Ship & Pilot (yeah that guy needs a new band name), the Last Vegas, the Lawrence Arms, Lying in States, Mahjongg, Manishevitz, Matador Down, the M’s, the Narrator, Nora O’Connor, the Opus, Palaxy Tracks, Pelican, Bobby Pharelle, Jonny Polonsky, the Ponys, the Race, the Redwalls, the Reputation, Silkworm, Sally Timms, Nick Tremulis, Troubled Hubble, Umphrey’s McGee, the Webb Brothers, Yakuza and Rachel Yamagata. (Whew.)

Also in attendance are gangs more Chicago musicians and industry folk of every stripe. Your club bookers and radio promoters. Your label mavens and merch girls and media carps. And everybody else.

Not to be outdone, Chicagomuzikblog is there too, in the guise of roving reporter Lazlo Hollyfeld. We’ll present Lazlo’s daily diary when he returns; look for the first installment sometime Sunday. (If he drunk-dials us with anything compelling in the meantime, we’ll post it here.)