I've got a whole city to hold down

March 04, 2004

Ay, que fascinante

Bob Mehr's Meter column this week discusses the "See A Show, Buy A Show" program at Schubas, Metro and the Double Door. He talks to several of the principals, including artists who have as yet proven extremely hesitant to participate.

Big ups for the best new piece yet from the new kid in the neighborhood. Just one question. Apparently the company recording these shows (eMusic Live) and the venues have established an exclusive relationship with local stores to sell whatever surplus discs aren't purchased by the crowd at any given show. In Schubas' case, the discs will go to Reckless. In Metro's case, the discs will go to Hi-Fi. Now, granted, it's a small amount of product, and they're going to local indie stores. But doesn't the exclusive nature of the deal squeeze out the likes of Hardboiled, the Record Emporium, Laurie's, Dr. Wax or (your favorite hole in the wall here)? And isn't that just the WXRT-Best Buy bedfellowship that everyone was bitching about, all over again?