I've got a whole city to hold down

March 19, 2004

Austin calling

The early returns from SXSW are rolling in. Here's Jim DeRogatis, who says the hot topics this year are indie labels, cultural conservatism ... and whatever pops out of Little Richard's mouth.

Meanwhile the home office last night received a call from Chicagomuzikblog roving reporter Lazlo Hollyfeld. Our intrepid correspondent imbibed on Wednesday night with the Hideout folks, then spent Thursday enjoying the 80-degree weather, free BBQ and gratis booze, and the erudite companionship of one Neal Pollack at the Schubas party (where the Unicorns canceled and the schedule got all goofed up, but nobody cared as long as there were plenty of those Jack-&-Cokes-in-a-can to go around).

Look for Lazlo's four-part SXSW diary, available here in daily installments starting Sunday.

Update: From the suburban Pioneer Press papers, here's Robert Loerzel on Little Richard, Chicago acts in Austin, and a whole lot more. (Comment: Um, dude got into the Rhymesayers showcase on Wednesday - and only stayed for Opus? Jeesh.)