I've got a whole city to hold down

February 09, 2004

Weekend in review

Friday: We caught the M's with Kim at Schubas. The headliners exceeded the limitations of their EP (below) and left us looking forward to their forthcoming full-length. Liked the three-part harmonies in particular, ragged but not sloppy.

Saturday: Brother Ali at the Abbey was strong as always, but opener Immortal Technique blew our minds. How did we sleep on this guy before? An intense MC with a serious socialist program, and we were far from the only ones feeling his message. (And we better see everyone else at the voting booth on primary day. Click here for voter registration info--deadline is February 17. Word.) Anyway, the Abbey still has no personality and its crew displays just a tenuous grasp of the logistics of running a show, but Sean Duffy books solid hip-hop bills, so we'll take what we can get.

Sunday: Jon Rauhouse and friends at the Hideout. This was like old times at H/O, the back room full of familiar faces. Kelly Hogan and Sally Timms sat in with Rauhouse for a few songs each. Laurie Stirratt warmed up with some Blue Mountain tunes, a couple covers (Kinks, Big Star), and some songs from the disc she recorded with brother John (Wilco, Autumn Defense) for release this spring. She's tentative but finding her legs.

What did you see this weekend?