I've got a whole city to hold down

February 10, 2004

Shocker: Kot, DeRogatis disagree

Greg Kot on Courtney Love's return, "America's Sweetheart": "Though there are flashes of the old switchblade attitude, snapshots of poignance, shards of insight, scattered riffs and moments that briefly suggest she's back better than ever, the album as a whole feels sloppy and overwrought."

Jim DeRogatis takes on the same disc in a feature-length round-up of today's big releases (the others are Norah Jones, Kylie Minogue and Probot). He says Love's latest offers "some of the best music of her career, an album that places a close second to 1994's masterful 'Live Through This.'"

Update: The odd couple will squabble over Miss Love, and some of the week's other mainstream releases, tonight on Sound Opinions. No mention, however, of what's bound to be the best-selling album released today--which also happens to be the work of a Chicago native. That'd be Kanye West's "College Dropout"; here's a good piece from (of all places) a Toronto alt-weekly.