I've got a whole city to hold down

February 26, 2004

Print roundup

Here's Greg Kot on Evanescence in the Trib. Read it, yawn, move on.

Awake now? Good, 'cause next up is freelancer Matthew Lurie's take on the Galapagos4 showcase at the Bottom Lounge. While we appreciate the Trib giving ink to the local indie rap scene, they really should do better than this. The entire piece is preoccupied with race (uh, have fun with that can of worms) and riddled with factual errors and faulty assumptions. Here's how not to write a hip-hop review: Start with a veiled sneer at Kanye West as pop-radio trash. Imply that a "young, ethnically and sexually diverse crowd" would be "out of place at a punk rock show." Identify Slug as "that other white MC." Etc.

Maybe Mr. Lurie needs an anatomy lesson: This is your ass, that is your elbow. There will be a quiz.

Update: Here's DeRo on Evanescence, too.