I've got a whole city to hold down

February 24, 2004

Overanalyze THIS

The schedule for the 2004 Experience Music Project (EMP) Pop Conference has been announced, and two Chicagoans (that we know of ... if you recognize any other local names, feel free to correct us) are on it. They are Dan Sinker of Punk Planet, who (with ex-local Neal Pollack and others) will participate in a panel "exploring rock music's influence on DIY book publishing," and Jessica Hopper of Hit It or Quit It, who (with one Grampa Greil Marcus) will take part in something called "Critical Karaoke: Writers interpreting the songs they've thought were the greatest ever, for exactly the length of the song, over the music!" Phew. The geektacular blowout is scheduled for April 15-18 at the EMP museum campus in Seattle.