I've got a whole city to hold down

February 16, 2004

New mag redux

After we gave Ladies And Gentlemen, a new specialty mag out of Minnesota, a hard time because it's priced at $16 postage paid, LAG founder Erik Westra wrote in to clarify that the publication is entirely ad-free. The higher price, Westra says, is a tradeoff for making LAG a no-shill zone. Duly noted.

As mentioned previously, the inaugural issue of LAG comes with a 12-inch EP featuring exclusive songs from Iron & Wine, the Wrens, the Hold Steady, Alias and others. On the local tip, it includes written contributions from Chicagoan Kiki Yablon (of the Dishes, the Red-Eyed Legends and the Reader) and our ex-poet laureate of the terminally weird, Rennie Sparks (the Handsome Family).