I've got a whole city to hold down

February 18, 2004

Local label news

Things is changing for Chicago's Overcoat record label. One of its marquee attractions, Richard Buckner, has left the Overcoat stable for Merge Records, which will release Buckner's forthcoming album, Dents and Shells, sometime this fall. Overcoat previously issued Buckner's albums The Hill and Impasse, as well as an EP and a collection of his early acoustic demos.

"I am very happy for both Rick and Merge," Overcoat founder Howard Greynolds said in an e-mail to Chicagomuzik. "Rick is moving over to a fantastic label that will offer him a number of luxuries (more time, money, a staff, etc.) that I just could not afford. Merge is receiving an artist whose talents have absolutely no bounds, a true visionary. We had an amazing run, putting our heads together for three releases, all the while keeping our friendship in place."

As for Overcoat's outlook, Greynolds reports he's "happy to be putting out the debut release by Chicago band Pit er Pat. For just under the last year they've played out as Blackbirds, but are changing their name due to legal issues. They play this weekend with 90 Day Men and Coco Rosie at the Empty Bottle." Also on tap: An Iron and Wine EP, more Kingsbury Manx tour dates, and a collaborative EP recorded by Buckner and the ever-present Jon Langford.

Buckner's new disc, meanwhile, promises to bring the rock. It features his newly assembled Austin, TX-based backing band, a group that includes ex-Butthole Surfers King Coffey and Jason Morales and has performed under the name the AA Nightmares. Buckner will play March 5 at Schubas.