I've got a whole city to hold down

February 03, 2004

I Am Trying To Break Your Bank

By now you've likely heard that multi-instrumentalist Leroy Bach has left Wilco (by all accounts amicably). The bigger news, though, is the band's new record. Currently scheduled for a June release on Nonesuch, the disc is reportedly done--and certain privileged ears in the local scene have already been offered (under tight security) their first aural glimpses of the finished product.

Wilcolytes are also saving their pennies for the Greg Kot-penned band bio, "Learning How to Die" (due June 15 from Broadway Books) and Jeff Tweedy's virgin volume of poetry, "Adult Head" (Zoo Press, March).

We're curious to read the former book, though it's hard to imagine what Kot could possibly reveal that wasn't found in Sam Jones' comprehensive rock doc, "I Am Trying to Break Your Heart." As for Tweedy's poetry collection, well, we're no authorities on the form, but what we've seen would be better left buried under a layer of guitar fuzz. General word to the wise: Nothing breeds a backlash like overexposure.