I've got a whole city to hold down

February 09, 2004

Grammy wrap

Not much to report on the local tip, where Buddy Guy (for blues album) and Richard Marx (a co-write on the Luther Vandross sapfest) were the only winners of any note. (Well, a mob of Jeff McPimpsky products probably cleaned up, too, but we'd sooner run naked up North Michigan Avenue than do the research on that one.)

In all, though, it wasn't a half bad year for the Grammys. Statues for OutKast and the White Stripes--plus a kickass reassertion of dominance by one dapper lil purple dude--were enough to make our night.

Update: JimDeRo notes Chicago winner DJ Maurice Joshua.

Update II: This is what overkill looks like.

Update III: The Daily Herald's Mark Guarino chimes in here.