I've got a whole city to hold down

February 04, 2004

Bottle brings full slate to Logan

The Empty Bottle has been sponsoring concerts at the Logan Square Auditorium for some time now--last year bringing such acts as Mum and Low to the upstairs stage--and the practice is about to become even more common. The Bottle's ambitious new slate of shows at the larger venue includes the Wrens with Constantines (March 12), Liars with Young People (March 20), Ted Leo/Pharmacists (March 23), and Unicorns (April 4).

Yes, we said the Wrens and Constantines are playing together.

No, you're not more geeked than us.

For those who, like, totally don't know, the LSA is located right on Logan Square, at the corner of Logan Blvd and Kedzie just off Milwaukee. We love the place, with its blonde hardwood floor, high ceiling, balcony, and--on two sides--long windows overlooking the park. There's no comparable venue of this size in Chicago; even more exceptionally, it's an all-ages joint. And maybe best of all, it's one door down from our favorite restaurant in the whole damn city, Lula Cafe.

Also on the LSA docket next month is a March 13 appearance by bearded dynamite emcee Sage Francis and his sidekick Joe Beats, aka the Non-Prophets. This one is an MP Shows promotion, not a Bottle gig.